Client Testimonials

A few words from my happy clients

Before I started meeting with Erin, my eating habits were out of control and I had stopped exercising for more than a year. I was also unhappy with my work habits and in need of a way to find time for neglected tasks in an over-busy schedule. Weekly coaching with Erin was so encouraging – even if I didn’t meet my weekly targets perfectly she helped me figure out what did work in order to improve next time. Being accountable to her through daily online reports also gave me motivation not to cheat, and also gave me the chance to celebrate daily successes.

Working with Erin one-on-one is amazing..while I wish I could continue meeting with her forever, it’s great to have proven experience that her method can help me live successfully over the long haul.


I am so happy we worked together – our calls were the highlight of my week.

I travel a lot for work and it was important for me to find someone who was very flexible. It was such a relief to have found Erin. It meant I could continue to keep up with my commitments and work around them.

She helped me in gradually making positive changes that fit around my schedule, and I saw great results right away. So refreshing to have someone who not only actually cares about my wellness, but is so professional as well! Erin is a positive, encouraging and knowledgeable coach – work with her if you are ready to change your life!


I first worked with Erin when I was experiencing extreme fatigue. Erin listened to my needs and developed a set of exercises that worked within my physical limitations. Erin coached me through the learning process, her manner and voice were calming and reassuring. I found myself energized!

As I continued to heal, Erin modified the training to meet my new needs and energy levels, always pushing me one step further in my development. I am still involved in the healing process, but I have made a lot of progress. I attribute much of that healing to Erin.

Even when I could barely move, Erin encouraged me to stretch and restore my body. And as I have gained strength, she has helped me to begin to rebuild my muscles from the core. Erin is encouraging, fun and patient. Work with her, you won’t be disappointed.


Erin and I worked together on my wellness and personal goals over a 3 month period. Coming from a corporate background, she understands the difficulties of balancing a busy job while trying to meet personal goals.

Erin questions thoughtfully to draw out barriers that we set for ourselves, and ensures that concrete goals are set and achieved weekly. Her method is gentle, kind, caring and highly effective, while always maintaining confidentiality.


Working with Erin was awesome. After just a few sessions I started to make some great progress in my overall health and routine. She keeps you on it and accountable – being online really makes a difference. I like her no-bullshit approach when it comes to optimizing my health and balancing it with real life.


After 30 years of many doctors and test after test with no resolution, I thought surely there must be some form of management to all this daily pain and diarrhea that is when I discovered Erin Madden B.SC AHN. Now — there are not enough words in the English language to describe the impact that Erin and her exceptional knowledge of nutritional and dietary needs, have had on my life in such a short amount of time. But… I can tell you I now have a name for my disorder (food related), which my doctor confirmed,and a new way of eating that has made life enjoyable again — all due to Erin’s wiliness to help. And… from our very first conversation, I felt as if I was being spoken to by an angel. If you’re looking for a nutritionist give Erin a call, you’ll not be disappointed.


After working with other nutrition coaches, I was really sick and tired of all the “one size fits all” nutrition plans. Erin takes the time to assess your goals to design a program that is specifically for you. When you have questions and concerns, Erin goes into great depth to explain her method to the madness. Erin is patient, respectful, and friendly which are all important qualities for a nutrition coach to have.

It took me several attempts to cut out bread for breakfast and to do carb cycling. But after working with Erin, it became so much easier. Within one week of being on Erin’s meal plan, I saw noticeable results.

Stop wasting money on “One Size Fits All” plans that are made by people that know diddly squat, and hire Erin!