Fueling for Health Nutrition Consulting is a Nova Scotia-based company that offers a wide range of online personalized meal plans, nutrition counseling, and effective weight loss programs and supplements to various clients in North America. Using a sustainable, practice-based approach, we will break your complex nutritional goals into small strategic daily practices that can be easily followed to bring about substantial changes.

Here at Fueling for Health Nutrition Consulting, our programs are targeted at offering busy people online meal plans that can help them develop healthy habits. We understand the importance of healthy eating habits; hence, we are committed to helping people reconnect with their dreams, goals, and desires.

Through this platform, Erin Madden encourages people to build a positive, long-lasting relationship with food and nutrition to improve the quality of their life. Working alongside her team at Fueling for Health Nutrition Consulting, she has made customizing nutrition plans that suit your life and building healthy habits a possibility.

At Fueling for Health Nutrition Consulting, we offer: